La Dilly Design Stories

There's a story behind each color I've chosen for my painted La Dilly Designs.

La Dilly Blue

The Blue Design represents the wet season. Where the rain is coming and the Brolga’s are dancing in joy and happiness. Because they know they are once again blessed with rain to replenish the countryside with fruits and berries, and all the things that they need. They’re happy. 

La Dilly Pink

The Pink Design represents the dryer season where the Brolga’s are dancing for rain to come because all their food has dried up and the country plain is more drier and heated with a little less movement.  The fruits have all dried up and the trees too. The Brolga’s are just dancing and waiting for the wet season to come. 

La Dilly Brown

The Brown Design represents the season after the rain where the grounds are still filled with food and life and the grass plains are still filled with lots of insects, foods and fruits from the rain season that has ripened and is good for grazing Brolga’s. They’re dancing and happy.