I am an Indigenous Artist and have a strong desire to share my art with the world. As a mother of 5 children, I need to be flexible with my working hours so I can enjoy my time with my family and my business. Painting and creating a business is good for my mental health and wellbeing.

I design swimwear and resort wear products that accommodate people who wish to have more body coverage in swimwear clothing. My range is for people who live in the hotter parts of the country, where the sun can be more aggressive, and might be a little shyer and more body-conscious. I offer a range of sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

How it all started ...

My first memories of painting were with an old man, my grandpa’s older brother. My sisters and brothers would be sitting with him while he was crushing and grinding the rocks, the dust, telling stories and helping him. The rich, vibrant orange and red coloured rocks were laying around an old tin bow ship. He let us use some of the paints to do our own little painting. Oh, yeah. It was really good fun. 

I was born on the 27th of July 1987 as the fourth child to my mum. I had two older sisters and one older brother. Then after me, I had one younger sister and two younger brothers as well. There were seven of us in total, and I was in the middle.

Growing up, I couldn't wait for art class to come around. It was my favourite subject in school. I remember always just finishing my work early in all my other classes just to have the rest of the time to doodle all over my notebook and desk. Any little spare second or minute would always just be filled in with a quick little drawing of something. 

In year five there was a national art competition for a family welfare poster. I painted a family portrait outside our house of me and my siblings and included some cousins and others that my mom and dad also cared for at the time. And I remember just being ready to paint and submit it once it was dried. I can remember just putting breakfast away and yelling don't take my painting, and quickly just grabbed my sisters white crayon and drew some white stars. 

Now the painting was only like stick figures but it ended up being the winning poster for the competition.  I won and I was so happy and excited about it. My mom knew about it before cause she was trying to get me to wear a dress! I didn't want to wear a dress that day because we had sports (which I really enjoyed as a kid) but I put a dress on just for her (with my shorts underneath) just to look pretty to go up to receive my Award.  She framed the original for her and also framed a copy of the poster.  It’s still hanging in her house, which my sister now lives in. 

As a teenager I would graffiti all over my room walls doing small murals all over the place, which made her a little angry at times. She would still compliment me on my talent and style on some of the drawings I do on the wall.